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Vietnam War History

Time Line

Vietnam War History & Time Line

May 7, 1954
Vietnamese forces occupy Dien Bien Phu. The battle lasted 55 days. 3000 French troops were killed while 8000 Viet Minh died while 12 000 were wounded

February 13 , 1965
Operation Rolling Thunder Starts. It was a short but long-lasting bombing offensive. They wished to stop North Vietnam from supporting the Vietcong Guerillas in the South

March 2 , 1965
First bombing raids of Rolling Thunder occur

April 7, 1965
US approaches North Vietnam with economic aid in exchange for peace. North Vietnam reject the offer. President Johnson increases US's combat to more that 60 000 troops in Vietnam

June 27 , 1965
General William Westmoreland launches offensive operation by American groud forces. The forces occupied NLF(National Liberation Font of South Vietnam) territory northwest of Saigon

January 8 , 1966
The largest American operation was launched. Operation Crimp stationed 8000 troops to capture the Vietcong Headquarters for Saigon. Amercan forces failed to find the Vietcong base

End of 1966
At the end of the first year filled with battles and defeats America's forces were at 385 000 men and 60 000 sailors. 6000 Americans were killed in this year and 30 000 wounded. To the 280 000 Vietcong forces left 61 000 had been killed

January 8 ,1967
Operation Cedar Falls began. The Americans wished to force the Vietcong forces away from the Iron Triangle.(Area between Saigon river and Route 13). No major resistance from the Vietcong forces was encountered. The operation lasted 19 days. A lot of enemy supplies were captured. 72 Americans and 720 Vietcong were killed

January 21 , 1968
Shells , mortars and rockets crashed into the Marine base at Khe Sanh. 18 Marines killed and 40 wounded

January30 - 3,1968
On the Tet holiday , Vietcong units attack South Vietnam. At the end of the city battles 37 000 Vietcong troops were killed Tet Offensive was a Failure

February 23 , 1968
Khe Sanh's Marine base is under attack again 1300 artillery rounds hit the base. Bunkers were rebuilt at Khe Sanh to cope with the rounds

March 22 , 1968
North Vietnamese attacked Khe Sanh. More than 1000 rounds hit the base. America retaliated with heavy bombing

April 8 , 1968
The Siege of Khe Sanh ends by opration Pegasus(US forces) retaking Route 9. Khe Sanh siege lasted 77 days

November 1, 1968
Operation Rolling Thunder comes to a end after 3 half years. America lost 900 aircrafts , 818 pilots were killed or went missing and hundreds captured. 120 Vietnamese planes were lost

December 13 ,1972
Peace talks in Paris breakdown between America and the North Vietnamese

January 8, 1973
Peace talks resume in Paris between America and North Vietnam

January 27 , 1973
A cease fire is signed by all parties fighting in the Vietnam War

March 1973
American soldiers leave South Vietnam. Marines and military advisors remain. For America the war was over. Over 3 million Americans served in the war. Results: 58 000 killed , 1000 missing in action(MIA) and 150 000 wounded

April 29 , 1975
An airlifting begins by Air force helicopters and US marines. 1000 American civilians and 7000 South Vietnamese refugees were flown out of Saigon in 18 hours

April 30 , 1975
Two US marines were killed in rocket attacks on Saigon's Tan Son Nhut Airport. They were the last Americans to die in the war. The forces at the US embassy lifted off. The Embassy is later ransacked and North Vietnamese tanks entered Saigon , this was the end of the war. Nearly 1 million Vietcong troops and 250 000 South Vietnamese soldiers were killed in the 15 years of the Vietnam War

Time Line