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Vietnam War - Vienam War Statistics

Final outcome of the war & Vietnam War Statistics

How many people died in the Vietnam War?

Vietnam Casualties & Vietnam War Statistics

As a result of the more than eight years of guerrilla warfare in Vietnam, it is estimated that more than 2 million Vietnamese were killed, 3 million wounded, and hundreds of thousands of children orphaned. Furthermore, it has been estimated that about 12 million people became refugees. Approximately 1 218 000 were resettled in more than 16 countries during the time period between April 1975 and July 1982. About 500 000 people tried to flee by sea. It has been estimated that 10 to 15 per cent of these people died, and those who survived faced extreme hardships and eventually immigration barriers.

US Casualties & Vietnam War Statistics

The Vietnam War US casualties totaled 57 685 killed and about 153 303 wounded and at the time of the cease-fire agreement, there were 587 US military and civilian prisoners of war, all of whom were subsequently released. A current unofficial estimate puts the number still unaccounted for in the neighborhood of 2500.

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