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Vietnam War Collectables


Vietnam War Collectables

Vietnam War DVD's and Videos


Collectables - Vietnam War Videos

Vietnam War video collection

12 Videos
of the 12 Major Battles.

All major battles, firefights, and key military campaigns in action-packed detail. From the battle at Dien Bien Phu to the final U.S. helicopter leaving a ravaged Saigon, this series delivers a comprehensive, unflinching look at this war.

Collectables - The Ten thousand day War(DVD)

"Vietnam The Ten Thousand Day War"
"Documentary film making simply doesn't get much better than this. These two-DVD box sets are essential watching for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Vietnam War and all its ramifications"

The Ten Thousand Day War trace the entire course of the conflict, from the closing days of World War II when Ho Chi Minh first began to assemble his revolutionary army, to the fall of Saigon in l975.

Secrets Of War: Vietnam
This DVD brilliantly shows you the Viet Cong's secret method to foil America's attempts to seal off South Vietnam. From the Ho Chi Minh trail to the tunnels of Cu Chi, the remarkable story of hidden supply highways, underground cities, covert camps and double agents. "Special Operations" - The stories of clandestine operational groups, their missions and mysterious means of survival. This is a must have for any body that wants to know about the behind the scenes activities that dictated the way the Vietnam war was fought.

Combat Vietnam:To Hell and Beyond
This DVD shows America's role in the Vietnam War quickly grew beyond anyone's expectations. Though shot in black and white, the footage becomes increasingly graphic as Vietnam turns into a bloodbath, with terrorist attacks in the cities, burning villages in the countryside, and massive air raids. Contrasted with all the carnage are government officials holding press conferences claiming some manner of victory and films of the increasing discontent in the streets of America and other Western nations.

War Films

We Were Soldiers
We Were Soldiers offers a dignified reminder that the Vietnam War yielded its own crop of American heroes. Writer-director Randall Wallace focuses on the first engagement of American soldiers with the North Vietnamese enemy in November 1965. Moore (played with colorful nuance by Mel Gibson) and nearly 400 inexperienced troopers from the U.S. Air Cavalry were surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese Army soldiers, and the film re-creates this brutal firefight with graphic authenticity, while telling the parallel story of grieving army wives back home.

Collectables - Good Morning Vietnam(DVD)

"Good Morning Vietnam"

This comedy-drama about an Armed Forces Radio disc jockey (Robin Williams) whose manic, hilarious delivery from a studio in 1965 Saigon gives U.S. troops in the field a morale boost.

Based on the real-life experiences of a deejay in Vietnam.

Full Metal Jacket (Limited Edition Collector's Set)
The thing I love about this movie is its originality. We endure the recruits' pain and suffering through Parris Island boot camp, and live with them during the grisly war, and that's why FULL METAL JACKET brings you close to the real thing. The plot involves a young Marine recruit, Private Joker, who gets through Marine Bootcamp by excelling in everything possible. He is then thrust into Vietnam as a journalist, and it is in Vietnam that he always complains he "never sees enough action. Well, he finds the action we was looking for, but he soon discovers it is not all fun and games

Born on the Fourth of July - DTS
The second film in Oliver Stone's Vietnam trilogy moves from the brutality of war in Platoon to its equally traumatic aftermath. Based on the memoir of combat veteran Ron Kovic, the film stars Tom Cruise as Kovic, whose gunshot wound in Vietnam left him paralyzed from the chest down. While painfully and awkwardly adjusting to his disability and a changing definition of masculinity, Kovic joins the burgeoning movement of antiwar protest, culminating in a climactic appearance at the 1976 Democratic national convention. A powerfully intimate portrait that unfolds on an epic scale, Born on the Fourth of July is arguably Stone's best film, and Cruise's Oscar-nominated role is uncompromising in its depiction of one man's personal anguish and political awakening.

Other Great War Films

Black Hawk Down
BLACKHAWK DOWN is the most disturbing, provocative and elevating war movie I have ever experienced. Black Hawk Down is based on Mark Bowden's book about an American special forces operation in Mogadishu, Somalia that went terribly wrong and resulted in the death of 18 Americans, the wounding of 100 others, and the withdrawal of the world's last superpower from a well-intentioned humanitarian mission. This movie is a must have and a must see for anyone thinking of joining the army.

Pearl Harbor (Vista Series Director's Cut)
This massive four-disc set is a veritable Pearl Harbor archive, and ironically, Bay's film remains the least interesting component. Using a clichéd love triangle between two ace pilots (Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck) and a Pearl Harbor nurse (Kate Beckinsale) as an "intimate" means of spectacularly re-creating the attack that thrust America into World War II.
The History Channel's "One Hour over Tokyo" and "Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor" provide depth that Bay's movie lacks, and Charles Kiselyak's interactive timeline is arguably the finest feature included, providing an in-depth historical perspective on U.S.-Japan relations. The "Interactive Attack Sequence" provides a multifaceted exploration of the entire production process. All in all, these four discs offer more than just a movie and more than just a documentary.

Enemy at the Gates
Like Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates opens with a pivotal event of World War II, the German invasion of Stalingrad, re-created in epic scale. The hope of the Russians lies on a young sniper named Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law). Propaganda produced by Vassily's friend Danilov (Joseph Fiennes) turns him into a local hero. Vassily begins to cause problems for the German army when he targets thier officers. The Germans dispatch thier best sniper Major Konig (Ed Harris) for the sole purpose of killing Vassily. The two become locked in a game of cat and mouse that may decide the outcome of the war.

This was a great movie. It was exciting and tense to watch Konig and Vassily try to outmaneuver each other. Trap after trap and counter maneuver. The experience of Konig shows as Vassily begins to doubt himself. The film also shows the patience and dedication it takes to be a successful sniper.

Paramount has put together a great DVD. The transfer is perfect. The audio is excellent and is one of the best DD 5.1 mixes I have heard. There are two featurettes, theatrical trailer and nine additional scenes. If you are a fan of war films this is highly recommended.

Starring Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater, this is a WW2 film about two marines assigned to protect two Navajo marines who use their native language as a code. Adam Beach and Roger Willie, play the roles of the Navajos. It seems like an interesting twist on a war film. And it certainly is. John Woo, who's known for special effects, directs it. This makes for great battle scenes that are easy to follow. It spite of all the gunfire and hand grenade explosions, we always know where the central characters are. The real story, however, is about the hard choices that Nicholas Cage has to make. He's a fine actor and he does it well.

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