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Vietnam War Collectables


Vietnam War Collectables

Vietnam War Books and Magazines


Vietnam magazine is the only publication devoted exclusively to the Vietnam conflict. Each issue provides in-depth and authoritative coverage and analysis of the many complexities that made the war in Vietnam unique, including the people, battles, strategy and weaponry ... with gripping combat photography, detailed maps and fine paintings.
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Collectables - Marine Sniper : 93 Confirmed Kills "Marine Sniper : 93 Confirmed Kills"
"Marine Sniper is not only one of the most astonishing true stories to emerge from the Vietnam War, it has become a classic of military nonfiction. A legend in the Marine ranks."

Hathcock stalked the Viet Cong behind enemy lines on their own ground.
His record is one of the finest in military history, with 93 confirmed kills.

Collectables  - We Were Soldiers Once...and Young

"We Were Soldiers Once...and Young"
Drang : The battle that changed the war in Vietnam

The first significant engagement between American troops and the Viet Cong.

Wall Street Journal:
"Between experiencing combat and reading about it lies a vast chasm. But this book makes you almost smell it."

A Rumor of War
"A singular and marvelous work." -- The New York Times
"Compelling . . . A thoroughly honest view of what the experience of Vietnam meant to a young college graduate, a 'gung-ho' lieutenant in the marine corps who enlisted for the 'heroic experience' of war . . . It is the most eloquent statement yet on what Vietnam was for the lower echelons who had to do the dirty work." -- Seattle Times

"Heartbreaking, terrifying, and enraging . . . It will make the strongest among us weep."-- Los Angeles

War Torn: Stories of War from the Women Reporters who Covered Vietnam
Kate Webb, a former UPI correspondent, recalls her days as a reporter in Vietnam, moving back and forth between the devastation of the field and the decadent and chaotic nightlife of Saigon. Her story is part of War Torn: Stories of War from the Women Reporters Who Covered Vietnam, written by former correspondents including Denby Fawcett, Jurate Kazickas and UPI's Webb and Tracy Wood. The book collects nine reporters' memoirs that recall the period of 1966 1975, when women's reportage, as Gloria Emerson notes in her introduction, was much rarer than today.

Where We Were in Vietnam:

A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases, Military Installations and Naval Vessels of the Vietnam War. If you need a fact about the Vietnam War, look here first!

The Things They Carried: A Work of fiction
One of the first questions people ask about The Things They Carried is this: Is it a novel, or a collection of short stories? The title page refers to the book simply as "a work of fiction," defying the conscientious reader's need to categorize this masterpiece. It is both: a collection of interrelated short pieces and tension of a novel. Yet each one of the twenty-two short pieces is written with such care, emotional content, and prosaic precision.

Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina
Requiem is far more disturbing than most books in this classification. It is packed with images of the Vietnam and Indochina wars, and each picture is the work of a photographer who died in the line of duty, in many cases, were snapped just moments before the photographer was killed. What makes the book truly remarkable, however, is its inclusion of many pictures taken by North Vietnamese photographers, pictures that present the war in a light not often seen by westerners.

Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side
Christopher Riley has added another great book to his name. The genius behind "The Killing Fields" has decided to visit another era of modern history, and in the process has forced us to rethink our views of something we thought we knew. He gets Tim Page to help out in this effort, and it seems to be a good idea. The photos are shocking, and some of the propaganda photos completely uninteresting, but it is a great work.

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